Harris County DA drops charges against Rep. Ron Reynolds

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HOUSTON, TX – Cases could soon be dropping like flies at the offices of the Harris County District Attorney all because of a rotten apple.

“A former investigator of this office has been charged with stealing evidence,” said Sara Marie Kinney, public relations for the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

A second investigator is also being looked at. One case has already been dropped.

“The Ron Reynolds case has been dismissed as a result of a federal investigation on one of the former investigators in our offices,” Kinney said.

Prosecutors filed barratry charges against Reynolds last year, but now the DA says it had to throw out the evidence collected by the two investigators and that there won’t be enough left to convict Reynolds.

“I want to thank District Attorney Mike Anderson for doing the right thing and dismissing my case. I said from day one that once the facts came out, justice would prevail and I would be vindicated of all charges,” Reynolds said in a statement he released.

Justice or just plain luck, who knows? It could’ve been a little bit of both.

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