Married heterosexual couples are healthier than unmarried gay couples

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HOUSTON, TX – For decades, free thinkers and rebels criticized marriage as a backwards institution. Now, ironically, it seems like the progressive thing to do is granting everyone the right to say “I do”.

Sociologists at Rice University are telling us that not only are married couples healthier than unmarried couples, but also heterosexual married couples are healthier than unmarried gay couples. This is not an anti-same-sex marriage statement. On the contrary, researchers wanted to provide medical proof that gay couples need the opportunity to live healthier lives.

According to the research, cohabiting couples have fewer resources than married ones and are less likely to share the resources they do have, such as health insurance and bank accounts. Also, even though gay couples on average earn higher incomes, researchers believe the discrimination they experience may influence their poorer health indicators.

The debate goes on and on.

If you want to get married, go for it. We won’t stop you. But then don’t complain, alright?

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