Smog is so bad in Shanghai, traffic cops now wear nasal filters

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SHANGHAI, CHINA – Next time you start complaining about another one of those ozone alerts for Houston, well, go ahead and complain, but also think about how bad it could really be.

The smog and air pollution has become so bad in China, that Shanghai’s traffic police department distributed 240 nasal filters to their officers so they can breathe.

It’s either a nose filter or a mask, but a mask makes it hard to blow a whistle. And besides you know how unpredictable the mask can be.

China requires employers to provide hazard pay, even if the hazard is the city air. One Shanghai traffic cop got about 50-cents a day extra for breathing in pollution.

Last year, shanghai had 23 days when the air quality index entered the ‘light pollution’ range of 100.

Over the weekend, the air quality index hit 221, indicating severe pollution.