Hate map list active extremist groups in the U.S.

HOUSTON, TX – Texas may not be numero uno in the number of hate groups running around, but we’re a pretty strong second.

The Southern Poverty Law Center came out with its hate map of active extremist groups in the country, and Texas showed up with 62, almost as many as Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana combined.

Besides the usual suspects, such as the Ku Klux Klan and a bunch of Nazi, skin-head, white supremacists, the Southern Poverty Law Center threw in the Jewish Defense League and the Nation of Islam among their Texas hate groups.

Houston’s Quanell X is the leader and national spokesman of the New Black Panther Nation. He’s pretty ticked at being thrown in with Klansmen and skinheads.

“We categorically deny and also we challenge being called an extremist group,’ he said. ‘And we would like to have a sit-down, open dialog with them to determine if what you really believe about us is really the truth.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center counts 1,007 hate groups operating in the country. But you have to be careful when you start pinning labels on people, because one person’s hater is another person’s patriot.

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