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Men find paintings worth millions of dollars

BELLPORT, NY – It’s said, art is long and life is short. Thomas Schultz and his business partner Lawrence Joseph would agree.

They bought a house in Bellport, New York to flip it. The seller told them to trash all the junk in the garage.

“It didn’t look like a pile of junk,’ says Schultz. ‘Upon closer inspection I realized there was a vast body of artwork created by one artist over 60 years.”

The artist was Arthur Pinajian who’d told his family to dump his entire collection in the Brookhaven landfill when he died. They didn’t do it and later sold it with the house.

“Although I had directions to throw this artwork out I refused to do so because it was someone’s life’s work. It was bad Karma.”

His deference to Karma- as well as restoring, framing and cataloging 7000 pieces in the collection has paid off.

“It appears as though there’s a demand for his art and there`s some financial value to the collection.”

Yeah, you could say that.  Arthur Pinajian’s work has been appraised at 30 million dollars and he’s now being called one of the best of his era. And to think this brush with fame was nearly trashed.

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