Sexting common among minority teens

HOUSTON, TX – When it comes to sexting, everyone knows it’s not a black and white issue.

As a matter of fact, it seems everybody’s doing it, and a recent study at the U.T. Health Science Center, right here in Houston found minority youth are no exception.

Melissa Fleschler Peskin, Ph.D., lead researcher, UT School of Public Health said, “Because sexting occurs through technology, and minorities are using technology frequently, it’s important to understand if they are also engaging in this behavior.”

30% of the 1000 predominantly Black and Hispanic 10th graders who took the survey said they had received a sexual message. 20% of the teens admitted to sending nude, semi-nude photos, videos or sexual texts.

Black males and females are more likely to sext than Hispanic males, while Hispanic females are least likely to snap and send a picture.

And then there’s the oops moment; 10% of the kids said they sent a sext to the wrong person by mistake.

Compared with other studies the numbers are pretty close across the racial spectrum, so what have learned from this research?

“We know that it’s prevalent and so we can definitely try to educate our young people about the potential consequences of sexting, and the potential consequences that nothing that you send, you should ever think of as private.”

Now there will be more studies, to figure out which comes first…sex or the sext!

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