Texting and Driving: Americans worst offenders

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USA – No big surprise — Americans love their cell phones. We use them at school, at the movies, and some, even while sleeping.

Dr. Joseph Ojile with the Clayton Sleep Institute who studies sleep texting says, “You’re saying things you don’t remember and may not have actually meant.”

Though it’s illegal in 39 states, one in every three of us even texts while driving. That’s a lot higher than several countries in Europe.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say 69% of U.S. drivers admit to making calls on the road, while only 21% of our U.K. mates over the pond fessed up to it.

31% of us read or send texts behind the wheel, more than twice the number of our amigos in Spain.

Men and women do it pretty equally, but the 18 to 34 crowd, obviously, are much more text-happy than those 45 to 64.

Think about the Southwest Freeway at rush hour. Now imagine two-thirds of those drivers don’t have their eyes on the road… instead they’re dialing, Facebooking, texting and tweeting. Scary, right?!

“When we look at distracted driving, they find 3300 people have died because of inattention and distractions,” says Chris Cochran, a traffic safety expert in California. That’s in just one year across America, and nearly 400,000 more are injured.

Doubt anyone’s ROTFL about those numbers!

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