11-year-old pregnant after being raped

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HOUSTON, TX – Junior high is where girls worry about not getting caught passing notes, who is going to ask them to slow dance awkwardly at the birthday party with 20 chaperones, and what to wear on pictures day.

What a pre-teen should never have to worry about is how to raise a baby and give witness testimony about the guy who raped her.

That’s the sad reality for an 11-year-old Houston girl, according to an affidavit from the State District Attorney’s office. It accuses Deandre Davis-Williams, 21, of raping his neighbor almost every day for seven months while her mother was at work.

The alleged abuse came to an end when faculty at the girl’s school called her mother to tell her they thought she was pregnant. A doctor confirmed at the time she was already seven months along.

That’s some serious allegations stacked against Davis-Williams.

Neighbor Monica Miller said, “I think he should be prosecuted to the fullest, and I think he should be castrated because he knew what he was doin’.”

The DA’s office also got hold of text messages sent between the two.

Davis-Williams is now behind bars under a $50,000 bail.

What a sad case of innocence lost way, way too soon.