Family seeks pardon for boxing champ Jack Johnson

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GALVESTON, TX – Jack Johnson, the Galveston Giant, is getting another shot at a title. And this title is ‘a pardoned man.’

Johnson is recognized as one of the greatest boxers in history, defeating white and black boxers in the early years of the twentieth century. But he ran into trouble with the law because he loved white women, and even married them.

In 1913, an all-white judge and jury sentenced Johnson to a year and a day in prison, but he avoided going to jail by heading off to Europe.

In recent years, the House and the Senate have passed resolutions urging President Obama to issue a pardon to Johnson, who came back to the United States after the First World War and served his time in a federal prison.

And now Jack’s great-great niece has taken the fight to YouTube, where she posted a video shot in Galveston’s Jack Johnson Park.

No word if President Obama has any plans to let Jack off the hook for a century of injustice.