Korean War vet warns not to laugh so soon at North Korea’s threats

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HOUSTON, TX – OK, we’ve had a few days to “take-in” how he wants to “take out” Austin.

You know, that recent photo released by the Korean Central News Agency that shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meeting with military officials at his compound in Pyongyang. In the background is that map with targets for a possible North Korean strike-plan for the U.S.

Is Lil Kim upset because he didn’t get invited to south by southwest? Is he an Aggie fan? Who knows why Austin is perhaps a big problem for Lil Kim.

As we know most folks in the state capitol aren’t taking the threat seriously, sending tweets poking-fun at the young dictator. But those who have fought this battle before see things differently.

“If you appease, you pay,” says retired navy Captain Dick Halferty. Halferty fought in Korea in the 1950’s.

“They would give us a fire mission, we would have a target grid to fire at.”

While threats from North Korea are nothing new, Kim Jong Un is, and the need for the 30-year-old leader to prove his might to the rest of world is nothing to laugh at.

“The fact that he has abrogated the armistice, that he has shown these targets and declared war, sort of, is relatively new.”

The photo is most likely part of a propaganda campaign designed to rally support from North Korean citizens and to garner concessions from the U.S. and South Korea. How about some food?

Still, seeing a launch map targeting Austin is bizarre. And with guy like this calling the shots, we may have found a place that`s even weirder than Austin.

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  • Really2Much2

    Little Kim doesn't like hippies; really, North Korea the latest and greatest of xenophibic super-villans. Next we'll be looking for Bizaro World.

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