Baltimore inmate impregnates 4 prison guards

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BALTIMORE, MD – One prison guard getting pregnant with an inmate’s baby sounds crazy. But four officers impregnated by the same convict?! That’s the case before a judge in Maryland.

In all, the Baltimore sun is reporting: 25 people face racketeering, drug and/or money-laundering charges. Prosecutors say Travon White is at the head of it all and a father four times over from behind bars.

Police allege he took control of the Black Guerrilla Family Gang in Baltimore City Detention Center back in 2009, and that guards have helped him, in return for gifts and help maintaining order in the prison walls.

According to court papers, officers smuggled everything from cell phones to drugs into the prison.

But as for those lady guards, documents say White allegedly had sexual relationships with numerous women and got four guards pregnant (two of the ladies even reportedly got his name tattooed on their bodies).