Father turns in suspected child predator found on Craigslist

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houseHOUSTON, TX – Craigslist — a place to find everything from furniture to vacation rentals to tools. But it can also be used as a tool for creepers and perverts.

And one Tomball father learned about Craigslist’s creepier side while browsing for a tire cover for his jeep.

The man told investigators he contacted a seller about a tire cover and began emailing him about prices.

That’s when the man claims the conversation headed into a disgusting direction.

“He was asking if I had children that I would be interested in modeling. Then he started asking if I`d be comfortable with them posing nude,” said the Tomball man, who did not want to be identified.

Spencer House, 22, allegedly admitted he wanted to buy the pictures of his daughters, and would pay $5 per photo, and $10 for each nude photo.

Alarm bells were sounding for the father — who immediately called police and the FBI.

According to the affidavit, when police searched the home of Spencer House, they found pictures and videos of child pornography on his computer and a box of children`s underwear and bathing suits in his closet.

It doesn’t end there.

Investigators say House had also set up a Craigslist ad for a child modeling studio, specifically calling for girls to pose in swimwear, leotards and tights.

“It’s kind of scary, but I feel pretty good that they caught him.”

House is charged with three felony counts for the possession of child pornography.

Each count has a $50,000 bond, so House could likely make the jailhouse home until his next court date.