Is Beyoncé banning photographers from her upcoming tour?!

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NEW YORK, NY – Remember when Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl?! It was a great performance with lots of singing, dancing and some surprise guests. But there were also some unflattering photos that surfaced of the singer performing. Beyoncé reportedly wasn’t happy and her people wanted the images removed from the internet.

According to an article on, Beyoncé is going to try and stay one step ahead on her upcoming Mrs. Carter World Tour. Rumor has it she`s putting a photo ban in place for the media. Instead Beyoncé will hire one photographer, and then she`ll grant access to a website for the media where they can download the pre-approved images.

It seems like a good way to control that picture-perfect image. But is she going to put a cell phone ban in place, too? Because if not, we`re sure her fans will catch those oh so candid moments.