Yoda has a first name?!

A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY  – Once upon a time, on a website far-far-away. There’s Yoda. If that is in fact your real name?

Come to think of it we don’t know your species or even your place of birth.

New evidence on blastr.com says you’ve been lying to us for the last 33 years. I mean, how dare you?!

It’s true Star Wars fans; Yoda has a first name!

Yeah, my jaw dropped too. Apparently Yoda was originally meant to be his surname and his first name is supposed to be Minch.

Originally Yoda was meant to be known as Minch Yoda throughout the galaxy.

A different Minch did come to be, in Dark Horse comics, Star Wars tales. So now there is a Minch and a Yoda. Just no Minch Yoda; which by the way would be the coolest Jedi name ever.

But hey, (talk like Yoda) still number one in our book, he is.

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