Man has 132 pound scrotum surgically removed

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IRVINE, CA – You’ve got to be pretty ballsy to undergo a 13 hour operation. And this guy was big time!

Wesley Warren Jr. might never have to waddle again. That’s because the man with the 132 pound scrotum recently underwent successful surgery, to shed his super swollen sack!

The 48-year-old man from Las Vegas made headlines last year, showing how incredibly nutty his life was, dealing with his watermelon sized testicles.

Warren suffered from a condition that collected excess amounts of fluids in his crotch. His manhood grew “so” massive, he was forced to hide them under an upside-down hoodie and rest them on a milk crate. But the weight finally took a toll on Warren.

He initially collected donations for the operation, which was estimated to cost around a million dollars. Then, last month doctors at the Center for Reconstructive Urology at the University of California offered to lend a helping hand and do the scrotum surgery for free.

Now, recovering in the hospital Warren is a new man; 132 pounds lighter and not as testy. There are no “after” pictures of him yet, but we’re pretty sure this won’t be the last we hear of him.

Life’s short Warren start having a ball. On second thought… you’ve had enough!