Girls Not Allowed in Prom after Wearing Inappropriate Dresses

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Nyasia Mitchell and Laneisha Williams were turned away from the doors of Mt. Healthy High School because their dresses were deemed “inappropriate”, and violated the school’s prom dress code.

“They told me my top was inappropriate, so I offered to button the jacket I had on,” said Williams who was wearing a black dress with a denim vest. “Then they said my skirt was too short, but it came to my knees so I don’t feel like it was too short.”

According to the Daily Mail, Mitchell was told that her white strapless dress with a pink skirt also violated the school’s dress code.

Prior to prom the school’s principal sent out a letter informing parents of the dress code regulations, which included: “Inappropriate dresses that are too short in length or reveal excess cleavage will not be permitted. Students who arrive inappropriately dressed will be required to change clothes prior to entering the event. Parents will be contacted if any dress code concerns arise with their child.”

The school did tell the girls they could go home and change. But they refused. The girls spent hundreds of dollars on their prom dresses and their moms are considering suing the school. The school has offered them a refund on their $50 prom tickets.

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