DEA raids synthetic marijuana warehouse in Houston

deaHOUSTON, TX – If your shipment of fake weed doesn’t show up, there may be a good reason.

Federal Drug Enforcement Agency agents raided a warehouse in southwest Houston and confiscated about $700,000 of synthetic pot and the chemicals and machinery needed to make it.

The DEA haul appeared to take in Mega Buzz, Serenity Now, Head Trip and Klimax, along with acetone and other chemicals to make the stuff.

The formerly ‘legal weed’ became illegal in Texas in 2011. Now you can go to jail for making, distributing, selling, and holding the so-called herbal incense.

The feds have not said what turned them on to the warehouse or if they busted anyone.

This fake stuff is serious business, and can get you more than high. 17-year-old Emily Bauer smoked some fake weed, had a series of strokes and ended up in the hospital.

She’s recovering, and her family has set up an organization to teach people about the real dangers of fake weed.

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