Texas sheriff deputy shooting caught on dash cam

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Caught on Video: Texas Deputy Shot During Routine Traffic Stop

deputyBOWIE, TX – Police dash cam videos catch all sorts of things. But a dash cam video from Police in Bowie shows just how dangerous an officer’s job can be.

The video is from March 21. In it, you can see Montague County Sheriff`s Deputy James Boyd walking up to a vehicle he pulled over because it seemed suspicious. Then seemingly out of nowhere, shots rang out.

Two bullets hit Boyd in the chest and another grazed his head. The car speeds off and Boyd is left for dead. Minutes later, an off-duty sheriff’s detective stops to help Boyd.

Boyd was able to call in a description of the vehicle, which helped them find 28-year-old Evan Ebel. He was the suspect that was shot and killed in a gun battle with police in Decatur, Texas. He was also the suspect in the killings of a top prison official in Colorado, as well as a delivery man and father of three.

Boyd is still recovering and is expected to return to work soon. Luckily, he was wearing a bullet-proof vest or else things could have turned out a whole lot different.