Florida bouncer kills 3 co-workers over prank

bouncerOCALA, FL – Yep, video killed the radio star. Now as for the video star? One is accused of doing some killing of his own.

Ocala, Florida police say a coworker of 31-year-old bar bouncer Andrew Lobban played a prank on Lobban, recorded it, and showed it to two other employees. As with any good prank, all three of the co-workers teased Lobban about it. Sounds par for the course so far, right.

But Lobban clearly can’t take a joke. There’s nothing funny about what happened next. Police say he got angry, and shot and killed his three co-workers outside of a bar. Lobban’s been charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Here’s hoping Lobban can take what’s coming for him behind bars better than he can take a joke.

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