Human bones found in Acres Homes; dinosaur bones found in Wyoming

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skullHOUSTON, TX – Houston police are on the case in Acres Homes. They say a skull and bones, found by Pickering Street, may have been there for at least two weeks. Sgt. Robert Torres with the Houston Police Department Homicide Division says the remains were mostly hidden beneath heavy underbrush, but a passerby saw the skull. Police say they are still confirming the identity.

While that’s being investigated locally, a less troubling, but even more intensive investigation into bones is going on ways away.

In northeastern Wyoming, a ranger led experts out to a spot where three dinosaur skeletons are buried. Scientists believe the triceratops trio may be a male, female and their young, and they may have met a gruesome death at the claw of a predator.

It will take some time to solve this mystery too. Unfortunately a good witness is hard to come by.