NASA memorial service honors Neil Armstrong

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NEILHOUSTON, TX – Neil Armstrong wasn’t just the first man on the moon; he was so much more than that to the people around him.

Michael Collins who flew with Armstrong on Apollo 11 explained, “Neil was just smart as hell, and not just about flying. His head was a reservoir full of arcane facts, some very useful at times.”

‘Buzz’ Aldrin Jr., Apollo 11’s command module pilot said, “I will be eternally grateful to be so fortunate that my opportunity to fly to the moon and land was under the command of Neil Armstrong.  Perhaps the best test pilot America has ever seen and the epitome of a space man.”

In a memorial service at Johnson Space Center, colleagues, family and friends remembered the icon we all know, who died on August 25, of 2012.

Armstrong personifies the beginning of space travel and is remembered at the beginning of a new era for NASA and future of space exploration.

Michael Collins said, “He did this agency proud, he did the whole country proud. At one time, for a short time, he did everyone on the globe proud, that we were all part of this thing, this lunar landing.”