League City council members fight at meeting

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fightLEAGUE CITY, TX – What began as a meeting to discuss their city’s finances ended in fist-a-cuffs!

League City council members Dan “The Brawler” Becker and Dennis “TKO” O’Keeffe, let their fists do the talking during a meeting at city hall. The officials were there to discuss the city’s budget, but left holding misdemeanor citations for disorderly conduct.

League City Police quickly responded to the altercation and issued the councilmen their citation. Both Becker and O’Keeffe declined an interview. It’s not known whether the councilmen did any damage to each other, but it’s probably safe to say their political reputations are bruised.

League City Mayor Tim Paulissen is calling the incident unfortunate. City officials just want to put this whole fight behind them and move forward with city business. Seems like the League City council is doing a bang-up job already!