World’s largest doomsday shelter can hold 1500 RV’s

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prepperATCHISON, KS – If the end of the world comes you might be overcome with the sinking feeling that “you’re not in Kansas anymore.” That’s because you might be under it!

There could soon be a place many of us can call home, if the undead finally take over, a giant space rock is falling toward earth us or the some idiot pushes the big red button.

An underground cave, nestled far below the Sunflower State, once used as a limestone mine and a U.S. Army storage facility, will soon become “the world’s largest doomsday bunker.”

California company Vivos is turning more than 2 million square feet of cave into an end of days retreat.

Sounding less like a survival shelter, and more like an apocalyptic resort, the future cave complex will be able to accommodate 5,000 people living in up to 15,000 recreational vehicles. Doomsdayer’s will buy able to buy a spot and pay $1000 per foot for their RV unit. A charge of $1500 per person would supply the prepper with a year’s worth of provided food and potty privileges.

While all hell breaks loose on the surface of our miserable planet, members of the mine will be able to enjoy an underground bowling alley, swimming pool and indoor golfing.

The bunker doors will swing open in August of 2014. Better sign up before your chances of surviving the apocalypse are blown!