Paula Deen loses endorsement; Houston food show shows support

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deenHOUSTON, TX – She’s the queen of sugar, but nothing’s sweet about this!

Smithfield Foods has dropped Paula Deen. Just add it to the list. In the last week, the celebrity chef has lost her show, support and a lot of respect. It all goes back to her admitting to using racist language in the past.

Deen’s sons came to her defense on Tuesday.

“The important thing here is for people to know that that is not her heart,’ says Bobby Deen. ‘I’m disgusted by the entire thing because it began as extortion and it has become character assassination.”

It’s surely been a tough week for Deen; but her Houston fans are sticking by her side! The Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show is coming to town in September, and the group says it’s keeping Deen as a presenter. Their website says: “she has apologized and we are taking her apology at her word….” and “This is a nation of forgiveness and second chances.”