Fewer minority children are diagnosed with ADHD

HOUSTON, TX – A new study published in Pediatrics journal says fewer minority kids are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder than white kids.

African American kids were 69% less likely to be diagnosed, while Hispanic kids were 45% less likely.

Not because there are less cases in minority kids; but simply because they don’t get diagnosed. Nobody is sure exactly why, but there are a few ideas.

Deborah A. Pearson, PhD with UTHealth Medical School explains, “Children from ethnic and racial minorities may not have the same access to healthcare.  Are providers not listening to parents as well?  Do parents feel somewhat reticent to access services?”

Even when diagnosed, there are concerns.

“They get a lower rate of medication treatment. Is there insurance policy problems? Access to healthcare in basic?”

Most disheartening, that these children will be affected by this for the long term.

“If you have a child who has undiagnosed ADHD, there potential is vastly undermined in terms of their ability to learn in a classroom, to socialize appropriately with their peers, to go on and have a satisfying personal and occupational functioning in the future.”

Sounds to us like it boils down to dollars and cents.

“If your priority is getting food on the table, and shoes on your children’s feet maybe you`re not quite as focused on Johnny’s mild ADHD.”

Shouldn’t kids health be more important than how much money their parents have?!

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