Women banned from water park for wear skimpy bikini

We just commemorated our Nations birthday. Now here’s another thing to celebrate, offering a little something for everyone… July 5th is National Bikini Day! 67 years ago, some french dude named Louis Reard invented the two piece. A creation that would forever change the fashion industry.

So put on a whole bunch of nothing, and go lounge out poolside… but just don’t tell Madelyn Sheaffer.

The Missouri woman is all hot and bothered after getting kicked out of the Adventure Oasis Water Park, because the pool staff thought her bikini was too skimpy! The 43 year old was first asked to cover up and put on shorts. When Sheaffer refused, the sunbather was asked to leave. Sheaffer says she feels like she was unfairly singled out.

Sheaffer admitts that part of her wanting to flaunt her body, is that the full figured woman recently lost 100 pounds. Her bikini might be a little too small, but Sheaffer feels she’s done nothing wrong.

Sheaffer filed a police complaint against the park. Her bikini was asked to comment… but the over-worked garment was too strecthed for time. Happy birthday anyway, bikini.

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