Mechanic rescues snake from Mini Cooper

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snakeCOCONUT CREEK, FL – There’s been snakes on a plane. There’s even been snakes on a train. But how about snakes in a car? That’s what the mechanics down at BMW dealership in South Florida had to deal with.

“I got a call from a service adviser who said ‘I have a customer with their pet snake stuck in the car,” said mechanic Chris Braun. ‘I thought oh no, I don’t like snakes.”

The owner of the snake told the mechanics that she travels everywhere with the snake, but this time she slipped it in the trunk of her Mini without its carrier. That’s when the snake slithered in between the interior and exterior wall of the vehicle.

The snake wasn’t hurt, and its owner was just happy it came out safe.

As for the workers, now they’ve got a slithery tale, that just like that Mini, will probably get a lot of mileage.