Live Radar for inclement weather in Houston area including Brenham

More than 1,000 Trayvon supporters flood River Oaks

HOUSTON, TX – “River Oaks is the place they never wanted us to be…”

Whether that statement is true or not, the fact is Quanell X wasn’t satisfied with his protest that spilled over on to highway 288 or the march to the court house downtown. No, apparently his message still needs to be delivered to the residents of Houston; River Oaks specifically.

The group of a thousand or so people, led by Houston’s New Black Panther leader, Quanell X, marched right through the River Oaks Shopping district, into the residential part of River Oaks, voicing their concern with the justice system.

“It went really well- it was very, it wasn’t aggressive it was very calm, the way it should be…”

Okay, we wouldn’t necessarily say it was calm, there was some minor conflicts, as in any protest, but it was definitely a presence and had residents of River Oaks scratching their heads.

“I was expecting the march to be bigger. I understand Quanell X is a polarizing figure so…maybe a lot of people stayed home because they don’t want to be misinterpretted as supporting that agenda…?”

The problem with protests like these are that nobody really wins. People gather and voice their opinions publicly and thats that. But both sides have a right to let their feelings known and thankfully it was done in a fairly peaceful way.

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