Ron Paul launches his own TV channel

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ronLAKE JACKSON, TX – Looks like Ron Paul is out to give us some competition.

The former congressman from Lake Jackson has decided to become a media mogul with the Ron Paul Channel expected to launch this summer.

He told his Facebook followers that he wants them to join him to talk about the issues of the day.

The new channel will be in hi-def for television and online services.

He says he wants to include breaking news stories, interviews with influential headline makers, and even throw in some hard-hitting reporting.

But it won’t just be Ron Paul talking to Ron Paul. He says he wants people to talk with him on the air.

Of course, he may want to screen the folks who get to talk with him.

We don’t think he wants another encounter like the one he had in that hotel room with Bruno. That’s probably not the hard-hitting stuff he has in mind.