Suspect charged with holding elderly captive appears in court

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courtHOUSTON, TX – The guy who allegedly held some elderly folks captive in a Houston home will be making his quarters in a jail cell for a while.  31-year-old Walter Renard Jones has been charged in connection with allegedly holding four 50 to 80-year-olds in a locked garage against their will.

“We are continuing the investigation into other allegations that were perhaps going on in that house as well,” said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Lynne Parsons.

Police say Jones was stealing social security checks from his captives.

At this point, the charges go back to just one of the four victims. Parsons says a 79-year-old man was struck with a cane and barely cared for at all.

“He was severely malnourished and dehydrated to a very-very severe extent,” she said.

All the victims are said to be in stable condition.