Excessive force or simply police doing their jobs? You decide

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GALVESTON, TX – We’ve all seen really great arrest videos, unfortunately an arrest video out of Galveston is not one of them.

The Seawall smack down between Galveston police and Reginald Davis gets pretty graphic.

Reginald Davis is filing a civil lawsuit against the City of Galveston and the Galveston Police Department for alleged excessive use of force. Chad Pinkerton, Davis’ lawyer, explained Davis’ side of what happened that night in a press conference Monday.

Pinkerton explains, “…[Reginald Davis] was at a party, a birthday party, then he went to Denny’s to study. He stayed at Denny’s to study, he left at about 1 o’clock and he felt like he was very tired. He pulled over on the Seawall. He called his wife said ‘I’ll be a little late, I’m resting here and then I’m coming home.’ He fell asleep.”

It doesn’t take long for Galveston P.D. to find a man sleeping in his car on the Seawall.

According to Pinkerton, an officer woke Davis up, checked his I.D. and pulled him out of the car for questioning. Pinkerton says Davis was tested for alcohol and was not intoxicated. This is when the whole thing took a turn for the worst.

Pinkerton says his client was afraid, at that point, he was going to be arrested. So he made a mistake and ran from the police.

Running couldn’t have helped Davis’ case, but Davis had already been patted down, so police knew he was unarmed. The video shows the police clearly acted as if Davis were a threat, however.

The City of Galveston says the arrest is “under investigation” but all of the officers involved are still on active duty. You have to watch the video and decide for yourself.