Judge grants convicted sex offender custody of 6-year-old

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elizondoNORMAN, OK – This next story will have you scratching your head. That’s because in June, Judge Howard Haralson in Norman, Okla., said Nicholas Elizondo of Calif., should get sole custody of his 6-year-old daughter, who was born while he was in prison for raping his step-daughter, who also was 6 at the time.

He says he didn’t do it.

Sarah now lives with him, and her mother Lisa Knight can only visit her online, by going on Skype for 30 minutes on Sundays.

Sarah has a medical condition, and her mom thinks she lost custody because she couldn’t name all of her doctors off the top of her head.

Family members and friends collected more than 1,500 signatures that they delivered to the judge.

The community held a car wash over the weekend to raise money so Lisa can continue the custody fight.

In the meantime, Sarah probably doesn’t understand why she can’t live with her mother.

She’s not the only one.