Houston storms cause fire damage and power outages

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Ahhh, a calm and lazy Saturday. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining but Friday night was a different story.

As storms beat down across the area bringing 70 mile an hour winds and lightning that knocked down power lines left and right, leaving more than one hundred thousand residents in the dark for a while.

One of those was in the Montrose area where lightning hit a transformer and caused a fire.

Crews had to wait for the power to be cut before they could battle the flames.

The fire also ruptured a gas line causing residents to shelter in place until it could be fixed.

More damage around north Houston when a tree took down some power lines…

And down lines are being blamed for this fire at a home in south Houston.

Luckily no one was home and the fire was put out quickly…

But an abandoned home in north Houston burned to the ground after fire crews say it may have been hit by lightning.

No doubt H-town residents are glad the electrifying evening is over.