Police searching for men who tossed pit bull in dumpster

HOUSTON, TX – A couple of dogs are on the loose, and we don’t mean canines.

Houston police are looking for three sick pups accused of throwing a one-year old pit bull in a dumpster at a U-Haul off south Gessner.

Check out the video: two suspects hold the dumpster lid open while a third guy throws the pit bull in at around one in the morning last week. The trio then runs off.

“I was like, there’s no damn way a dog is dying in my dumpster,” David Brecker, a manager at the U-Haul.

Brecker found the pit bull when he showed up for work the next morning.

“I walked past the dumpster and heard a howling noise, like barking,” says Brecker. “And I look in, and there was a pit bull in there. I thought, ‘oh, maybe there’s food in the dumpster, and he jumped in.’ That’s what I thought had happened.”

Sadly, no, that wasn’t the case. But there is a silver lining.

“No, the dog did not suffer any trauma. The veterinarian at the pet clinic examined the dog and the dog is in very good health. The only problem is he had worms,” said Officer Suzanne Hollifield with HPD.

And there’s more. This pup’s getting a second chance with a new family.

“The family who adopted the dog said it’s getting along great with another dog she has. Super friendly,” Hollifield added.

Now let’s just hope the real animals get caged soon.

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