Sen. Ted Cruz talks about freedom to American Legion convention

HOUSTON, TX – Day Two of the American Legion’s national convention in Houston had Texas senator Ted Cruz preaching to the choir, so to speak, about, what else, freedoms.

“The servicemen and women, the soldiers and sailors, and airmen and marines, step forward to defend our nation, don’t check their Constitutional rights at the door when they step forward to defend us,” said Cruz.

He started off talking about freedom from IRS abuses and burdensome taxes (‘That will only happen if there is a groundswell from the American people.’), but religious freedom was the centerpiece of this Ted talk.

“I was also proud to represent the American Legion in litigation against the VA, here in Houston, when the VA implemented a policy that said volunteers at the funeral of a service man or service woman who had lost his or her life defending our nation could not say to the grieving family, ‘God bless you.'”

Cruz didn’t bring up the current war talk over Syria. These warriors know the consequences all too well.

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