First Lady Michelle Obama’s drinking problem

WASHINGTON, D.C. – You heard it here first, First Lady Michelle Obama has a drinking problem!

Oh, no that’s wrong.

You heard it here first; First Lady Michelle Obama has a problem with what you’re drinking!

While former First Ladies Barbara and Laura Bush took on illiteracy, and Nancy Reagan battled teenage drug use, it seems the 44th First Lady can’t get a campaign off the ground without someone up in arms.

Remember the backlash she got from critics like Rush Limbaugh with her “Let’s Move” Campaign from 2010?

Since fruits and veggies were too controversial Mrs. Obama decided she’d ‘water-down’ her second-attempt at a First Lady campaign. So, she’s encouraging everyone to drink more water.

The First Lady says, “…just one more glass of water a day and you can make a real difference for your health, for your energy and the way that you feel.”

She should’ve known the good ole’ H2O would have her in hot water too. Her suggestion created quite a hydration-situation.

Scientists, nutritionists and water specialists say Mrs. Obama’s claims don’t hold — well you get it. They say there’s no proof water will make you feel better or give you more energy.

A glass a day might not change your life, but just try going without it!

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