Mayor Annise Parker, HAR unveil Houston Living app

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HOUSTON, TX – Want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood? Yep, there’s an app for that.

Houston association of realtors made an app called Houston Living. As the name implies, Mayor Annise Parker says it gives you the low-down of what’s going on in H-Town, including “public transportation options, parks, trails, public safety substations, library locations and hours, information about who their elected official is, city news, headlines, and calendars of events.”

All are things which can factor into finding new digs.

“When people make housing choices, they consider a number of different factors, and this is designed to give those consumers more information,” says Mayor Parker.

An app, which is great for Houstonians and who are we kidding, politicians too.

“From a government standpoint, anything we can do to connect more directly to our constituents is a great thing for us.”

The app is available in the iTunes store and Android market. And best of all, it’s free.