Manu Ginobili’s contract stolen in freak bird attack

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manuBUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – In all of sports history when there’s a mention of an angry bird, Larry Bird usually comes to mind.

However, some real angry birds got in the way a time or two.

The most recent bird attack hits a bit closer to home. During the NBA off season, San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Manu Ginobili had his contract extended. The Spurs then had a bird brained idea; send an intern to Argentina to get the contract signed.

That was the first mistake. Nevertheless, disaster struck.

While in a park with the signed contract in tow out of nowhere an angry bird proceeded to dive bomb the intern repeatedly. The intern then jumped into the nearest fountain to ward off his assailant. His backpack, with the contract, disappeared.

Wonder if this is retaliation for what Ginobili did to another winged creature in 2009.

Maybe it was dumb luck; maybe the bird’s into sports memorabilia. Either way, the Spurs say their still waiting for the contract to show up on eBay.

Hasn’t yet. We checked.