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Former cop beats policewoman for messing around with her man

fightST. CLOUD, FL – A woman catches her husband cheating with another woman. Happens every day you say? Well, what makes this love triangle interesting is all three of them are officers of the law.

A female Osceola County Sheriff’s deputy from Florida has been fired, for fighting with a policewoman she may have believed was getting extra chummy with her policeman hubby in a squad car.

39-year-old deputy Edeania Nettles was reportedly canned from the force, after she was arrested for allegedly beating up a 26-year-old woman, a St. Cloud police officer.

The cop cat fight took place late at night, at a local park on October 2nd. Deputy Nettles is accused of yanking the woman (who was on duty at the time) out of the patrol car by her hair, and then repeatedly punching her in the face.

The estranged husband, 36-year-old, St. Cloud Police Sgt. John Nettles was eventually able to separate the ladies of law enforcement. That other woman suffered a skinned knee, bloody lips, scratches to her neck and a clump of hair was pulled out. Edeania Nettles is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

To serve and protect might be the motto; but you may not want to go messing with a policewoman’s policeman.

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