Cockroach farming is a booming business in China

There are about 1.35 billion people in China. To put into perspective how many people that is, consider that I was born about 1.35 billion seconds ago.

Any way you slice it, to feed that many people takes a lot rice or Big Macs. Or, dare I say, cockroaches?

There’s a hot new farming trend in China, and it’s breeding masses of squirming cockroaches. You’ve got to get your protein from somewhere, I guess.

Apparently not too many people knew about this roach revolution in China until earlier this year when about 1 million cockroaches escaped from a farm not too far from Shanghai. The so called ‘Great Escape’ made widespread headlines in China.

Do you think?

At least they’re not farming pythons. Wait, maybe they are.

Anyway, as it turns out there are about 100 cockroach farms in China, the largest of which is owned by Wang Fuming. He owns about 10 million cockroaches. And, by God, apparently, some people are buying them.

Fuming says he sells cockroaches at a rate of about $20 a pound to traditional Chinese medicine companies and, believe it or not, food retailers. The best way to prepare them is to fry them, Fuming says, and then add a pinch of salt.

Personally, when I’m preparing cockroaches, after adding a pinch of salt, my recipe calls for putting them directly into the trash.

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