Vladimir Putin now outranks Chuck Norris in Taekwondo

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Talk about a power trip! Russian leader Vladimir Putin already deems himself more powerful than President Obama. Now he’s taking on one of the toughest men around, Chuck Norris!

On his recent visit to South Korea, Putin was honored with a ninth-degree black belt from the World Taekwondo Federation. That makes grandmaster Putin a higher rank than our own “Walker Texas Ranger” Chuck Norris, who only has eight.

Of course, the never modest Putin shrugged off the new martial-arts degree as no big deal, but he still took the lofty title nonetheless. The 61-year-old, former KGB agent has been studying judo since he was a young comrade, and is still very keen on the martial-arts. In fact, he loves to don his fancy robes and wow the world with his masterful moves any chance he gets. He also seems to like riding bears shirtless.

So Putin can go back to ruling his people with an iron karate chop, but does this head russkie really have a chance at taking down one of our greatest American heroes? We say nyet!

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