Salvation Army Shelters homeless men from freezing weather

HOUSTON, TX – Tis’ the season. The bells are ringing and kettles are waiting for your donations, but all for a good cause.
On a cold dreary winter day, the money you put into those pots helps keep many people in need, fed and warm.

Leon Gaymon with the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center explained, “This kind of weather, we don’t turn no-one away.  Usually we have a set time when guys come in which is from 4 to 9; but when it’s inclement weather like this we have what is called grace night.”

At the Harbor Light Center for men, the homeless are welcomed out of the cold, to enjoy a warm meal and rest their head in a warm bed.

Darrel Cameron, a participant in the Harbor Light Program said, “I do have an opportunity to share with guy who are living on the streets every day and the appreciation is overwhelming just to have a place, in out of the cold.”

The Harbor Light Center and Red Shield Lodge offer 3 programs. Support for homeless vets, a free alcohol and drug treatment program, as well as a nightly shelter for those men who just want to get off the street for the night.

“It doesn’t matter if our beds are full, transitional upstairs holds 136 beds, but we don’t let that stop us, because we want to make sure everybody gets out of this weather,” according to Gaymon.

So, as you pass the bell ringers during your daily errands, remember the change you drop in the bucket can mean so much to those who just want something to eat and a safe place to rest. Happy Thanksgiving!

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