Jesse Owens’ Olympic medal up for auction just in time for the holidays

LAGUNA LUNEL, CA – The holidays are times when people sell their gold metal for cash. But what if that gold metal was a gold medal?

Jesse Owens won four of them in the 1936 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, turning his fleet feet into defeat for Hitler and his Aryan elite. Pretty neat.

Sometime later, Owens gave one of those medals to the famous song-and-dance man Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, who also had some nifty footwork.

And now, the Bojangles estate is putting that medal up for auction, just in time for the holidays. And what a great stocking stuffer this little historic trinket would make.

SPC Auctions is handling the online event.

Only a few days remain, but you’ll need more than a quarter-million dollars to walk away a winner.

But if you lose out, no worries. You can always try to score a 1936 Olympics sterling silver ring for that special uncle who’s really hard to please (and understand).