Dave Wilson to take HCC office despite election controversy

HOUSTON, TX – There’s a lot of controversy hanging around Dave Wilson. He ran for the Houston Community College District 2 position in the November election and won. But Wilson’s opponent, Bruce Austin, alleges that Wilson misled voters in a predominantly black district, making them believe he was in fact black. Wilson is clearly white and says he did no such thing.

There was also allegations that Wilson didn’t live in the district during the election. But when it comes to the HCC Board, Wilson’s still taking his seat.

“At this time there is no basis for the Houston Community College to deny him his seat. He won the election, he has a certificate of the election, and he’s taken the oath of office,” said Gene Locke, special council to HCC. “While the county attorney has challenged his residency requirement for right now, for the college, we have to go ahead and seat him and let the issues play out in the courtroom.”

Wilson is confident it’ll all work itself out.

“That will be settled in court…I’ll win that one also. That’s just part of some politics,” Wilson said.

For now, Wilson just has his eye on the future.

“Let’s move forward. We’ve covered all those questions. Let’s look at the future and what we can do here at HCC,” Wilson said.

Hopefully for Wilson, he won’t be stuck in a game of musical chairs.

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