Chinese man uses first class plane ticket to eat free for a year

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SHAANXI, CHINA – The best things in life are free, right? A clever passenger in China thinks so.

According to a Malaysian Chinese newspaper, the unidentified man in Shaanxi, China scammed China Eastern Airlines for nearly a year’s worth of free meals and we’re not talking plane food. Here’s how he pulled the egg rolls over their eyes.

First he purchased a first-class ticket on the airline. Then he’d arrive, check-in and head to the VIP lounge where he’d enjoy a robust gourmet meal complete with drinks. He’d then cancel his flight, reschedule for the next day and head home to do it all again the next day, and the next, and the next. Like the Great Wall of China, this cuisine con went on nearly forever. Surprisingly, nothing about this sweet and sour scam was illegal; though immoral is another issue.

The VIP (or Very Ingenious Passenger) grazed gratis for months before the moo goo gai pan hit the fan and the airline began investigating. Whether it was the probe or the fact his ticket was about to expire, after more than 300 free feasts (and postponements), the furtive foodie cancelled his ticket for a full refund.

Ha! And you thought China wasn’t a free country.