Farting cows almost burn barn down

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RASDORF, GERMANY – Next time, crack a window! German moo cows went kaboom after the farm shed they were farting in exploded. Talk about having yours “well done!”

Cooped up cattle in central Deutschland nearly raised the roof off their barn, after local cops claimed a static electric charge ignited the high levels of methane from the gassy beef and caused their canopy to combust!

Police predict about 90 cows turned their German barn into a dutch oven. The built-up bovine gas found a flame, and the blast blew part of the roof off! Luckily the stink didn’t sour the krauts, because nobody was hurt and just one of the cows was slightly seared, which is the best way to have steak by the way.

It’s known that large animals who break-wind and burp release large quantities of combustible gas into the air. What’s not known is why the crop-dusted barn wasn’t properly ventilating the cow vapors, causing the noxious build-up. Now that’s just something the German police will have to get to the bottom of.