Milwaukee police investigate robbery of $6 million, 400-year-old violin

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MILWAUKEE, WI – You can call this story an orchestrated crime. And, we’re not just trying to be being funny.

Police in Milwaukee say two armed robbers stole a violin worth $6-million!

“When they told me I honestly said, on our campus, really? They must have been waiting for him ‘cause that doesn’t sound like a random act to me,” said Thadius Atkisson, a Wisconsin Lutheran student.

It certainly wasn’t. Police say the four-stringed thieves were apparently waiting for the player of the 400-year-old Stradivarius when he walked out after a concert at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Turns out, they were hiding in a car and waited till the victim got close enough to jump out, tase him, and take off with his pricey and extremely old violin.

An FBI team that specializes in high-end art theft is helping out with the investigation. And, so is Interpol…you know, the international police agency.

Because the theft of a 400-year-old, $6 million instrument deserves some sort of extra attention, right?