Bigfoot coming to Houston; Yeti makes appearance in Maine

HOUSTON, TX – Yeti or not, here he comes too! Recently, much has been said about the larger than life, mythical beast “Bigfoot”. This big-talk stems mostly from a Texas hunter, who claims he’s killed a real Sasquatch and will take the big body on tour, with Houston as one of the stops.

But now, the big guy’s albino cousin has supposedly come out of the woods as well. This, according to a Maine man who claims he saw a Yeti, out in the nether regions of his northern state. The man, going by the initials M.P. says he saw what he’s calling a “white Bigfoot” while taking a walk in the woods with his dogs. Of course, the man has no proof of the encounter, and without evidence these M.P. claims are mostly seen as empty claims. You know what they say, seeing is believing. Which brings us back to Bigfoot.

Houstonians will get a chance to decide whether the dead Sasquatch is real when Rick Dyer (the guy who supposedly shot it) brings Bigfoot to the Bayou City later this year. So keep a lookout! You might be able to lay your eyes on Sasquatch and Yeti soon. But remember, we’ve been let down before.

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