Newlywed base jumper dies in Zion National Park

ZION NATIONAL PARK, UT – It’s a tragic end to the beginning of a life together. Just two weeks after a newlywed couple took a leap of faith at the alter, the couple decided to go base jumping off of Mount Kinesava.

The two couldn’t have imagined how their day would end at the Zion National Park in Utah.

National Park Service spokeswoman Aly Baltrus says the bride,”…basically fell almost 1,500 feet. First fatality of base jumping at all at Zion National Park, and our first fatality for the 2014 year.”

The National Park Service says the 28-year-old bride’s parachute failed to open as she jumped.

The groom told officials he jumped after her but couldn’t reach her in time, so he hiked out of the park to call for help.

A recovery team couldn’t get to the woman’s body until the next day.

Park Rangers say the couple’s jump was against the law. Both are said to be experienced jumpers. Unfortunately, they’ll never experience growing old together.

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