Clear Lake teen involved in Satanic killing

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CLEAR LAKE, TX – Obviously, the Devil was looking in the wrong place when he went to Georgia to find a soul to steal.

Harris County Prosecutors say there were two perfectly willing souls in Clear Lake, looking to make a deal with the Devil, himself.

Charges have been filed against two teens in the death of a 15-year old girl whose body was found partially clothed, in a vacant apartment. She had been beaten to death. Even worse? Cops say there was evidence of “occult activity” in the apartment where the victim was found, and on her body.

17-Year old Jose Reyes is facing capital murder charges, along with another 16-year old boy who’s now behind bars in the Harris County Juvenile courthouse.

Harris County Officials say Reyes told them he’d sold his soul to the Devil before the killing.

Apparently the 16-year old boy was allegedly interested in doing the same, which is why officials think the victim was attacked and killed.

A Final part of the soul-transaction with the Prince of Darkness, if you will? Not sure how much a soul goes for these days, but apparently it’s not enough to get them out from behind bars.